Communist Chinese Foreign Interference Unwelcomed at NSW Parliament

MEDIA RELEASE (Falun Dafa Association Australia)

11 August 2015

SYDNEY – A Parliamentary briefing focusing on unethical organ trade will be held today, August 11 at 12pm inside NSW State Parliament, despite attempts by the Chinese Consulate to sabotage the event.

NSW Upper House MLC David Shoebridge is hosting the event. He condemned the Consulate’s letter addressed to Don Harwin, President of the Legislative Council. Mr Shoebridge said that it was “an extraordinary and inappropriate intervention in Australian domestic politics by the Chinese government”.

“I hope MPs will be principled enough to stand up to this bullying by the Consulate and attend the briefing,” he was quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald report.

“The unethical international trade in human organs goes well beyond China and deserves an informed and open debate, not this heavy-handed politicking”.

The Briefing titled China Insights: Unethical Organ Trade and Impact on NSW will be attended by over a dozen Members of Parliament from across all parties.

Mr Shoebridge will brief members on his proposed legislative change – Human Tissue Amendment Bill, which aims to bring harsher punishment to transplant tourism practices. Dozens are believed to travel overseas from NSW to seek quick transplants in areas where organs are readily available due to unregulated organ donation systems or unethical practices.

The Briefing

Dr Sophia Bryskine from an international body Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, a speaker at the briefing, says China is currently the biggest area of concern.

“This is about fundamental human rights and best interests of Australian citizens. I have faith that our members of parliament can make up their own mind and not be threatened by foreign pressure”.

Also attending the event is Andrea Tokaji, a lawyer from the Christian Faith and Freedom, Fighting For Justice Foundation – Anti Trafficking Advocacy. She too expressed concern, saying that freedom of speech in Australia should not be compromised in the face of economic benefits and trade.

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