Call for your support – Together we can stop organ harvesting in China

Falun Dafa at UNSW would like to announce a public event hosted by the Falun Dafa Association Australia. The event is open to the general public, free. The invitation reads as follows:

The Falun Dafa Association Australia invites you to join in Australia’s first public call to end forced live organ harvesting in China from prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Following the in-depth SBS Dateline report “Human Harvest” on April 7th, Australians are becoming more aware of one of the worst crimes in modern history.

Documentary “Human Harvest” featured on SBS Dateline:


Australia now stands alongside Israel, Spain, Taiwan, Belgium, Canada, France, the United States and Pakistan, to have introduced laws to address organ transplant tourism. The UN and EU, and various NGOs and medical organisations worldwide have taken initiatives against forced organ harvesting in China.

But more action is urgently needed to end the slaughter.

On Thursday 23rd April, the Australian public has the opportunity to speak out. As part of the global effort to end organ harvesting in China, we invite you to join this event, to raise awareness about this horrific crime.

Please come to show your support, or send a message of support that we can read out for you. Send to fxh[at]

We also encourage you to share these event details via your social media networks.

Thank you kindly in advance and we look forward to seeing you!

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